Simply Delicious Bakery in Coxheath was established in 1985 by husband and wife team Mr and Mrs L Freeman. As National Association of Master Bakers members the Freemans have always been proud to produce the highest quality bread and other baked products.

Mr Freeman had become a highly experienced baker before taking over the family bakery from his Father, George.
Whilst serving his apprenticeship at the Co-operative Bakery one of the more experienced bakers asked if he was George Freeman’s son. When he said that he was, the old baker remarked. “Well, if you become half as good at baking as your Dad you’ll easily become a master at the trade.” He progressed to become a single hand baker for a number of independent bakeries. By now he was skilled at making everything from delicious pork pies to speciality breads and sumptuous cream cakes. Highly experienced in chocolate and sugar work, there wasn’t a piece confectionery that he couldn’t create. He even worked as a bakery manager in the United Arab Emirates and was commissioned to bake celebration cakes for the Sheik of Abu Dhabi.

He became National Association of Master Bakers Champion Baker in 1999 and runner up in 2000. He didn’t enter again, giving others a chance to shine! It was a sad loss when he passed away on 27th July 2012. His wife and his daughter Sonya have continued to run the bakery. It is very important to them to keep his legacy of delicious baked products and service to the local community alive. The bakery has just completed 28 years as a successful local business and looks forward to many more years creating simply delicious things for its customers to enjoy.
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